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February 22, 2012

World’s most expensive wedding cake appears in China

expensive wedding cake beijing

This is a wedding cake created by Black Swan Luxury (黑天鹅尊贵至美) which is a branch of mass bakery in China called  Holiland (好利来).

The price tag of this cake?  1,999,999 RMB (approximately $315,000 USD) 

To me, the cake isn’t that special, it is a 5 tiers wedding cake with one color, and it is surrounded by some white chocolate swans. It is tagged as the signature cake of the wedding cake bakery. Black Swan appears to have cracked China’s uber-spender market by appealing to buyers at state-owned enterprises, official gift-givers and the not insignificant number of people with crazy money to burn and a desire to flaunt their bonfires.

But why I am not surprised when I read the news? In nowadays China, people are struggling to find ways to spend their money, especially those who got rich in the last 20 years. And it appears that wedding cake is the next media that they will use to show off their money,

I look at the picture above, and look at the wedding cakes covered by my favourite wedding cake specialist in Vancouver, I feel so blessed that I have accesses to such nice wedding cakes in Vancouver without spending 100K on it.

January 3, 2012

What should you put in a wedding cake bakery contracts?

wedding cake vancouver contract

So you have picked your cake, have a wedding cake tasting and confirmed which wedding cake baker you want to go with. What is next?

December 24, 2011

Judith Leiber’s Crystal Wedding Cake Clutch

I don’t usually write a lot about cakes, it is too niche for me.

Vancouver BC Wedding Cakes: Crystal Wedding Cake Clutch by Judith Leiber.

but I see this on Envy Cake and um. this one is different.

CRYSTAL WEDDING CAKE? I wonder how long does it take to make, and how can I cut and eat it. Nevertheless, it is a wow cake and definitely a highlight in a wedding.



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