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July 15, 2012

Envy Cake Fake Deluxe Wedding Cakes is expanding to Toronto!

I have heard from Jess @ Deluxe wedding cake Vendor Envy Cake  is moving to Toronto!

I have always wanted a high quality fake cake vendor in Toronto, Ontario for my clients here, and now my job as a wedding planner and my fellow wedding planners will be much easier. The renowned and high end faux wedding cake artist is coming to greater Toronto Area(GTA) to serve our wedding couples.

GTA Faux Wedding Cakes

January 20, 2012

How to determine a Wedding Budget?

Wedding Budget

it is not always easy to set a wedding budget with a blanket statement. There are two major factors that affect the wedding budget, it is the size of the wedding and the location of the wedding. 

January 18, 2012

Who sits at the wedding head table in a wedding?

wedding head tables vancouver

The bride and groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids sit at the head table in a traditional wedding. In the middle seated the bride and groom, on their left, the best man next to the bride and the maid of honor next to the groom.

December 31, 2011

Should I Tip My Wedding Vendors?

should I tip my wedding vendors?It really depends.

Your caterer or reception site serving the food will include their gratuities with your bill. So, a tip is not necessarily expected. Of course, if you love their service and want to show your appreciations an extra mile, the more the merrier, but it is not required.

December 28, 2011

how to plan a pre-wedding Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette party invitations Wedding VancouverAre you planning a pre wedding BACHELORETTE party for someone and you don’t know how to start?

here are some tips that you can use for doing that.

  • first tips  is start planning the bachelorette party as early as possible

you need to start sooner than you think because you don’t have a clue. Also, the early you look at, the more options you will have. And if there are places that have discounts or promotion for such parties, you can make sure you have enough time to get those discount. 

December 28, 2011

How to find a good Wedding Photographer for your Wedding in 8 Simple Steps

Today’s important wedding question is

How to make sure you have selected a good wedding photographer for your wedding?

Find Vancouver Wedding Photographer

There are so many wedding photographers available on the market and they are all charging nice prices for their services. So how do you pick one that you like? Below are a few important steps that you need to follow to ensure that you have picked the best wedding photography company for your wedding and your money well spent.

December 14, 2011

The Vancouver Wedding Venue – Banquet Halls Directory

List of Vancouver Wedding Banquet Halls featured. If you are a member of banquet halls in the vancouver area  and would like to be covered by us, send us an email at [@] gmail [.] com

December 12, 2011

Wedding News: Wedding Photographers Sued for Using Music Online

According ABC news, a wedding photographer is sued by music company for using music online.

Tony Romo, quarterback of football team Dallas Cowboy, and Candice Crawford married in May, their videographer who shot a video about their wedding with Coldplay’s “Fix you” as theme song. After the music go viral by People Magazine, the videographer is theatened with a lawsuit for using music to which he had not bought the right.

Other videographers are shocked and scared even to comment about it. And the music industry are not starting a war to the videographer, but they just want to send a message. 

December 12, 2011

Vancouver Wedding Photographer : Vintage photography by Will Pursell Photography

Below is a picture shot by Will Pursell Photography in Vancouver. I like this one a lot because everything is just right and everyone is so happy. Every pixel of the picture is shouting vintage that takes me back 60 years!

Will also takes lots of other great pictures, below are just a few that caught my eyes. I hope you like them too. 

December 11, 2011

Sweet Pea Photography featured by Wedluxe Magazine

Sweet Pea is a wedding photographer out of Vancouver. The reason I notice about Sweet Pea is the articles featured by Wedluxe Magazine. I am not a regular reader of the Wedluxe Magazine, but whenever I have a chance to read it, I will.

Anyways, I stumbled to a few posts that features the Sweet Pea, and they do really look amazing. look at this one


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