How to select, pick, choose a wedding cake for my perfect wedding?

how to pick select choose wedding cakeOne of the most critical parts of the wedding reception is the wedding cake. This is the focal point in the hall, and everyone loves to “ooh and ahh” at it. Nobody leaves the wedding before they see the wedding cake cut, and you will probably see your cake in lots of wedding photos which will be stored for the future. Be sure that you chose the best wedding cake for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

and knowing how to pick your wedding cake is crucial. If you follow the follow steps, you will have a successful wedding cake at your perfect wedding.

1) what size of wedding cake you need? how many wedding cake servings?

you need to have a cake that is big enough to feed your guest, and not too big that it becomes disproportional.  sometimes you may want to save some of the cakes for guests who couldn’t attend the wedding.

2) what shape of wedding cake do you like?

there are many different shapes of cakes, the most popular are round ones. Some are square, I am not expect in wedding cake, but you should check out Envy Cake – my favourite wedding cake resources. You can check out all those carefully selected wedding cakes by the bloggers. It is much easier to search everywhere for a nice cake.

3) what design of wedding cake you want?

again, my recommendation is to check out Envy Cake – best wedding cake site  . you should think about what design you will use on your cake. There are many styles out there, and if you go to a bakery they’re going to have an entire book of possible designs. You can pick from the styles at your nearby bakery, or you can bring in a sketching of what design you would like and ask whether they could do that. Don’t forget that the more complicated the style of the cake, the more expensive it will be. Typically, the colour of the cake is white. But in these days, you can choose any color that you prefer. It’s good to match the cake to the color scheme of the wedding. Cake toppers also are a factor for the style of the cake.

4) Find a baker who can design your perfect wedding cake

Once you have an idea of what kind of cake you wish, you should next to go to see a wedding baker. Make sure you choose a great baker for your wedding.

If you are in Canada, you must go through Wedding Gaga Cake Vendors Reviews Check out their portfolio of works and see if you like the method that they bake cakes. Ask about their styles and whether they accept custom designs, if you’d like one. Have a tasting so you are aware what their cakes taste like aside from the look.

5) Have a tasting

Knowing a baker can design your cake, you also need to make sure that they taste well. After you have picked a short list of bakeries or baker to design your cake, have a tasting with them and make sure you like the tastes of the cakes. This help you further narrow down the list of wedding cake bakeries if you can’t decide yet.

6) Confirm on the cost. 

so Now everything is perfect, you need to talk about the cost of the wedding cake. Tell your baker that you are looking forward to the cake and you will be their references for future customers. More importantly, tell them you will review them online on sites like Wedding Gaga wedding Vendors Reviews. If they care about their business, they would care about their reputation online.

My rule of thumb is, if someone doesn’t care their reputation online nowadays, they are not in serious business. 

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