How to find a good Wedding Photographer for your Wedding in 8 Simple Steps

Today’s important wedding question is

How to make sure you have selected a good wedding photographer for your wedding?

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There are so many wedding photographers available on the market and they are all charging nice prices for their services. So how do you pick one that you like? Below are a few important steps that you need to follow to ensure that you have picked the best wedding photography company for your wedding and your money well spent.

1) Ask around your fellow Brides

This is the easy start, ask for references from your mom to your grand daughters, friends, co-workers, their moms, their grand daughter for reference. Get a list of photographer that they have experiences with. Build a list of wedding photographers and companies.

2) Research online with a creditable Wedding Vendor Review site

Expand your search with a good wedding vendor review site such as Wedding Gaga, narrow down your search based on past customer reviews, and information on their Wedding Gaga portfolios.

Important note: From my experiences, companies who care about their business and their clients care about their reviews online as well. If they have spent time building their presence online on sites like Wedding Gaga, they do a better job Off Line as well. 

Build a list of wedding photographers and combine it with the list you have in step 1.

3) Interview the potential wedding photographers 

Follow the contact information and interview the wedding photographers, and ask questions.  I will write another post to list the questions you  need to ask the photographers when interviewing.

4) Go through wedding photo ablums of wedding photographers

Ask for photo albums and make sure they have the skills and art sense to make your wedding looks like a dream. Ask for at least 5 past wedding photo album for reference. If someone can’t provide at least 5 nice album in their portfolio, just walk and cross them out from your list!

5) Confirm your wedding photography budgets

After getting a shorter list of which photographers you like, confirm your budget. How much money are you willing to spend on your wedding photos? when you have decided on it, don’t change!

6) Check the dates available

Call your potential photographers and double check if the dates you are looking for, and they are free. and especially, no extra “holiday” cost attached

6) Interview past clients (Optional) 

This one is optional, but I would do it. Ask for references from past clients and talk to them, ask them details and what problems the wedding photographer had shown initiative to solve on your wedding.

I had once talked to a bride, she said it was raining unexpectedly on the wedding day, the photographer openned his car trunk and took out 20 beautiful umbrellas to give it to family and the newly weds. And he also teaches them how to pose with those beautiful umbrellas.

Now that’s is the professionalism you should be looking for!

7) Book!

As simple as that, call in and book the photographer. And tell the photographer you are looking forward for the pictures and you will put a nice review of them after the wedding on Wedding Gaga.

8) Review the wedding photographer after the wedding! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t emphasize enough about this point. Most of the wedding couple would forget about the wedding 2 seconds after it is over. But you have to finish it right.

If you like your photographer, make sure you give them a nice honest review of their services, if you have anything you think they have space for improvement, talk to them.

Remember, although they have charged you for the work, but they have spent their artistic minds to make you look great. No photographer is perfect, and make everything you like. But if there is anything you think they have done right. Give them a honest review.

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